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PikMobile has reinvented the art of storytelling for a digital world.

Humans are fueled by a desire to see and tell whole stories — not to post random, one-at-a-time photos that get lost in the clutter of a typical social media news feed. PikMobile is designed for creators of all levels — from enthusiasts to professionals—who feel frustrated by the limits of other social platforms.

PikMobile is the first patented mobile publishing app that allows content creators to turn their premium posts into a sustainable income — right from their mobile devices. Creators retain ownership of their content, set their own pricing, and can connect with their communities without all the noise and advertising on other apps.

Blending the direct-to-fan relationship and a social media connection in a single platform, PikMobile simplifies the users experience by bringing all of their favorite premium content creators - and all their friends and family - into one place. “No ads and no algorithms” means you see what matters most to you.

It’s All About the Story.




The first mobile publishing app for content creators of all levels from enthusiasts to professionals, including celebrities, musicians, film makers, athletes, coaches, podcasters and photographers.

Collaboration. Invite friends to add their photos (and their unique perspective) to your Story - in the moment or over time.

Attribution. Give credit where credit is due. Every photo and video is attributed to its original creator, even if it’s re-posted or shared.

Favorite Stories. Never miss a post. ‘Favorite’ any Story and get notified when it’s updated so you never miss a thing.

Community. Explore a whole new world of photographers and Premium Creators; discover interesting people and follow trending stories.

Sharing. Share to any social platform or by email or text.




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PikMobile is led by executives with backgrounds in wireless telecom, software development, and project management. This is the second start-up for co-founder Scott, whose Zave Networks, a mobile advertising platform, was acquired by Google in 2011.

Scott Relf, CEO

Renee Relf, COO

Jamin Meyers, CTO

Danielle Tolson, Marketing and Social Media Strategist

Elliott Singer, Business Development


Board of Advisors

Gareth Rockliffe

Skip Muller

Chad Fulgham

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Ashley Pontius
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