Version 3.1, February 7, 2019

Welcome to the Premium Store Digital Publishing Platform, your store within the PikMobile® Application (mobile, web, and Mac/PC). PikMobile users come to the Premium Store to offer and purchase licenses to some of the most desirable photos, videos and stories—we call them Premium Store Items—in the PikMobile Application. This page explains the key terms and conditions that apply to the Premium Store, which are integrated into the terms and conditions for the PikMobile Application itself. Here you’ll find all the information you need to get both started as a Store Owner and to begin to enjoy Premium Store Items as a user.

What Is the Premium Store

  • The Premium Store is a digital publishing platform within the PikMobile Application that brings together Store Owners, who wish to license rights to great photos, videos and stories; and users who wish to view and share those items. Users purchase licenses to Premium Store Items through the Premium Store at prices set by Store Owners.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Content in the Premium Store, and How Do I Buy It?

  • Prices are set by the Store Owner; some items require a single purchase, and other items require a monthly recurring subscription payment.

  • Technically, you are buying a non-exclusive license to use the Premium Store Items in certain ways. The license permits you to use the items within the PikMobile Application and to use the PikMobile cross-post and share buttons to share your PikMobile Stories via Twitter®, Facebook®, email and text messages that use links to display your PikMobile Story in the PikMobile Web Viewer on almost any smartphone or computer.

  • There are five different types of Premium Store Items:

    1. Collections are made up of one or more photos/videos which may be sold for a single payment as individual photos/videos and/or as a ‘set’ of photos/videos. (An example would be a Collection of photos of all of the players on a sports team, or all the characters in a movie)

    2. Series are a group of photos/videos that is sold for a single payment, and it may be complete, or may be ongoing (added to over time) and the Store Owner can choose (by clicking a switch) whether the purchaser does or doesn’t have the right to post these photos/videos as part of their own PikMobile stories. (An example would be a Series that tells a story like a magazine article or comic book, or is a how-to guide for making or doing something)

    3. Subscriptions are a group of photos/videos that are not complete, they are continually being added to daily/weekly/monthly, and the purchaser agrees to an auto-renewing monthly payment to have the right to view the photos/videos for as long as they continue to be a ‘paid-up’ subscriber. The Store Owner can choose (by clicking a switch) whether the purchaser does or doesn’t have the right to post these photos/videos as part of their own ‘free’ PikMobile stories. (An example would be a subscription that has the weekly highlights of a sports teams’ games, or a subscription to the ’Cooking Tip of the Day’)

    4. Total Access is a Store that allows a user to make a single payment that gives them access to every Premium Store Item in that Store, which can include one or more Collections, Series and Subscription Items (An example would be Total Access to a sports team’s Store that has Collections of the player photos, and a subscription to the weekly game highlights)

    5. Total Access Subscription is the same as Total Access (above), with the only differences being that the user agrees to an auto-renewing monthly payment which must be current for the user to continue to have access to all the items in the Store, and the Store must be continually updated with additional content daily/weekly/monthly.

What Can I Do with the Premium Store Items That I Purchase? Can I Post Them to Twitter and Facebook?

  • You can enjoy viewing Premium Store Items, especially Series Items and Subscription Items that are updated regularly and will automatically appear in your PikStream just like any Pikmobile Story.

  • Many Premium Store Items include the right to use those photos and videos to create PikMobile Stories; you can even combine them with your own photos and videos in your PikMobile Story.

  • You can share the stories that you create within the PikMobile Application, plus cross-post or share the stories in other applications like Twitter and Facebook by using the cross-post and share buttons in the PikMobile Application.

  • You can also share those stories via text messaging and email using the share button in the PikMobile Application.

  • You cannot save, move or download the Premium Store Items outside of the PikMobile Application.

  • You can only cross-post and share the Premium Store Items outside of the PikMobile Application by using the appropriate buttons inside the PikMobile Application to do so.

How Do I Become a Store Owner?

  • In the PikMobile Application, go to your Profile > Account Settings > Preferences, to open a Premium Store Account by providing contact information and choosing the Premium Store Plan that best meets your needs.

  • All Premium Store Plans require a monthly recurring subscription payment, and if that subscription is cancelled or the payments are not made, the Store will be closed until your Premium Store Account is paid up.

  • As soon as you open a Premium Store Account, you will have a Store button on your Premium Store Profile, which you can click to manage your Premium Store.

How Do I Create Content to Sell Through Premium Store?

  • Go through the steps to create a regular PikMobile Story, and at the end of the process on the Post page click the Premium Store Item button to make it a Premium Store Item and select your price(s).

  • All of your Premium Store Items can be viewed, managed, and edited in your Manage Store section of the PikMobile Application.

  • Use the Store button on your PikMobile Profile to manage which Premium Store Items appear in your Store.

If I Am a Store Owner, How Much Do I Get Paid, and When Do I Get Paid?

  • As a Store Owner, you receive 50% of all revenue generated through sales of licenses to your content in the Premium Store digital publishing platform.

  • When you open your Premium Store Account, the appropriate Tax ID documents and method of payment selection documents will be sent to the contact information that you provide.

  • Your share of the revenue will be paid to you within 30-days after PikMobile receives the revenue from the Apple App Store; Apple usually pays PikMobile within 60-days of the PikMobile purchase.

How Do I Know What Premium Store Content I Have Bought and/or Sold?

  • The Profile section of the PikMobile Application will have the details of all Premium Store Items purchased (for all users), and all Premium Store Items sold (for Store Owners).

What Happens to Premium Store Content If I Delete My Account?

  • Premium Store Items are nontransferable and personal to the user who purchases a license to them.  Should you ever decide to delete your account (or if your account is deleted because you violate our Terms of Use), you will no longer have access to the Premium Store Items that you purchased.

Additional terms may apply for certain Store Owners.  Please contact PikMobile for more information.